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Longrich, wealth is achieved only through teamwork be part of this legit team, and build your down-line without stress. Call +2348067581159

Benefits Of Joining Longrich Bioscience

The same thing we do on daily basis is what Longrich partners do and they get paid. Longrich business concept is very simple. Below are the benefits you will get from partnering with this brand.

Wealth creation via Team leverage

With Longrich Bioscience International, you and your loved ones can live a better and healthy life. Each down-line that sees this site and gets registered comes under you. In Longrich, wealth is achieved only through teamwork. Be part of this legit team and build your down-line without stress.

No time frame (No pressure)

You do not stress yourself going around looking for down-lines. My team does that. This is the reason we introduce an online platform for everyone.

Weekly bonus payment

Longrich pays every Thursday of the week. It is paid directly into your bank account. No cheque or cash withdrawal from anywhere in the name of Longrich.

Leadership easily achieved

Every down-line that comes under you makes you a leader. Longrich also credits your leadership bonus for every down-line that is sponsored under you.

Qualifying for Trips and Incentives

You get qualified for trips to overseas, 4 years BSc and Executive MBA scholarship in which you can transfer to anybody and incentives such as cars and housing.

Become a Star director

Longrich gives you the opportunity to earn shares globally with the company as a star director. A Star director is the highest rank in the company. You also own your own stockist center.

Team Building

In Longrich, wealth is achieved only through teamwork. Be part of this legit team and build your down-line without stress.

How To Become A LongRich Member In Nigeria

To join Longrich in Nigeria, you need to sign up with one of the available entry levels.

Nigerian entry levels are:
  1. VIP MEMBERSHIP: To join this category, you need 1680PV (₦750,000). Partners in this category earn 1% of monthly global sales (sales and not profit) spanning from over 100 countries. They also earn 12% weekly bonuses from team activities.
  2. PLATINUM MEMBERSHIP: this requires 7200PV (₦320,000). They earn 12% weekly from team activities.
  3.  GOLD MEMBERSHIP:  requires 240PV (₦100,000). They earn 10% every week from team activities.
  4.  SILVER MEMBERSHIP: requires 120PV and pays members 8% every week from team activities.
  5.  FAST-TRACK PROMO PACK: ₦40,000 qualifies you to receive ₦8,000 instantly, every time you introduce someone new to the business. There is no limit to the number of referrals, and you earn ₦8,000 on each referral. This is not counted as part of your weekly bonuses. This is a highly enticing offer. You will receive products worth ₦44,500 and an automatic upgrade to silver
  6.  Q-SILVER: this package goes for ₦9,800. You will be given products worth that amount, amounting to 60PV. The products for this package include:
  • –        Toothpaste 6pcs
  • –        Soap 3pcs
  • –        Mosquitoes repellent 6pcs
  • –        Calcium
  • –        Hand cream 6pcs
  • –        2 mini-packs panty liner

You can choose your products as you desire, to the amount you invest, nothing is mandatory. The monies are sent into the Longrich corporate account, and not to any individual. At the moment, you can start making money from this amazing network marketing company. It is not compulsory for you to pick any specific product, you will have to look through the price list to view the respective PV for each product, and sum them up to 60PV.

Also, you can join Longrich in Nigeria with ₦9,800. You earn ₦2000 for every new referral. You can begin with this plan and upgrade later. You are only expected to bring in 3 people when you join. This will be your team, who are then taught supported and encouraged to form their own teams and duplicate the process. The network is exciting and rewarding.

To sign up to Longrich, you need to provide; your full name, sex, state, phone number, email, date of birth, bank name, account holder’s name, account number, sponsorship, placement, and products selection. You will then log in to your Longrich portal after registration. To do this visit www.longliqicn.cn and key in your distributor code (set to 123 by default). You must then complete a captcha test on the website. Once this is done, your portal will open showing your name and distributor ID on the top of the page. Distributor codes begin with NG0, in capital letters, and the 0 is the arithmetic 0.

Take the step today, join Longrich, and explore the world of riches.

Frequently Asked Question

How can I join your team from another country?

Wherever you, are as far as Longrich is concern, it is easy to join our team. Send us an Email, Whatsapp message, or an SMS, requesting for a sponsor code. The codes will be sent to you immediately. Use it to register in any Longrich centre around you.

What will I get after registration?

You get products that worth the package you registered. You get your own Sponsor/ placement codes if you wish to sponsor others to become your down-lines. You have access to the Longrich back office and also you start earning and qualifying for trips and incentives.

What is downlines?

Downlines are people that come under you. You earn and rank higher depending on your down-line’s efforts. If you join Longrich as a starter and your 3 down-lines join Longrich as Silver, you earn well and rank to be a silver member and so on.

What is the minimum registration?

The minimum registration is NGN 10,050.00 (this is for starter package).

How long is the registration?

Depending on the stockist center you found yourself, it takes between 30 mins. – 1 hour to get you registered.

Do you also register people?

Absolutely yes. You make payment into the Longrich account details above and send your details (see Longrich registration details) to us via Email, WhatsApp, or an SMS to us for your registration.

How real is this business?

It is real, you may search for Longrich Bioscience International and see it for yourself. It is 100% legit.

How can I trust your team?

Team means Together Everyone Achieves More. My team is 100% legit and you have seen a list of testimonials displayed on the popup. Without trust, We won’t have succeeded up to this. We are aware of fraudulent activities ongoing on the internet, we are trustworthy and can never disappoint anybody. Moreover, you are not paying into other accounts than the Longrich account (Longliqi International Nigeria Limited).

What do I need to have so as to join Longrich?

You don’t need silver nor Gold to become a member. Get registered with the registration package above to ensure you follow the payment procedure. Leave the rest to this legit team, and we will help you get downlines.

How can I earn very well in Longrich?

You earn very well in Longrich by joining a team or having a team. No man is an island and there is no selfishness in Longrich.

How can I get the products if I register with the team online?

The products will be sent to you after registration ensure you fill in the appropriate details in the registration form so as to contact you.

How long will it take to get the products after online registration?

It takes not more than a day to get the products.

The Bank Account Name does not match with the Company’s Name. Why?

Longliqi is the Chinese name of the manufacturing Company while Longrich is the English name. Longrich is the general name used in other countries.

Do I get paid for selling the products?

No! you don’t get paid for selling the products. You get paid for purchasing the products and referring anyone.

After registering when do I start earning?

You start earning once you are on board!

Do Longrich International has compensational plan?

Yes, there is a compensational plan. Click here to download Longrich compensational plan

What if someone join and can’t refer anyone before they can start earning, what happens next?

I don’t stress my downlines for that. If you register, you are a downline to my downlines and if another person register, he or she becomes your downline. It is first come first serve.

Do your team last?

As legit as we are, until Longrich International falls then my team fall simple!!!

Can I change the default password?

Absolutely yes. It is mandatory for security purposes as your sponsor code will be used to refer others too. Also, beware of anybody diverting you from us in the name of legitteam.net.

They are all scammers if you have any of them around you. Please report them to check if they are genuinely our members. We don’t want anybody to blame us on anything.

Legitteam.net whatsapp - longrich
Longrich - legitteam.net

Longrich International

Longrich International is a 34 years old multinational company from China established in 1986 operating in over 200 countries with research institutes in New York, France, Japan, and China. The founder of Longrich Bioscience International is Mr. Xu.Zhiwei who is one of the richest men in the world. The company manufactures under OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer)/ ODM (Original Design Manufacturer) for big brands like GSK, FESCO, WALMART, UNILEVER, etc but gains multinational level marketing as their give back to the society.

It will interest you to know that some of the products like Sensodyne toothpaste was manufactured for GSK by Longrich. Longrich Bioscience International manufactures sensodyne toothpaste for the whole of Asia and beyond.

Currently, Longrich is Building a world-class research and development center and a Longrich Bioscience laboratory where quality products are researched which is Longrich Africa and its headquarters, it has been analyzed and certified for quality consumable products in Lekki trade free zone, Lagos State, Nigeria. It has come to stay with great plans and incentives for her partners. Below is the recent video of the Longrich factory in lekki free trade zone, Lagos State, Nigeria, Africa. You are not partnering with a roadside business, watch the video below

Longrich is a manufacturing company and also a shopping mall which is different from other shopping centers where you go there to buy your daily consumables like toothpastes, soaps, creams, roll-ons, etc and after buying, they say to you “thank you and come again”. But when you shop with Longrich, a special code is generated for you. You use the code to order more products and also invite your friends, families, colleagues, and more people to join you. At the end of each week, Longrich appreciates your effort in telling these people by paying you in cash. If other shopping centers were paying us each time we shop with them and also referring people, you can imagine how much we will be making. Longrich says to use our products, invite others, and get paid weekly.

Longrich products are highly consumable, the multinational company has a global presence in over 230 countries, they have invested in landed property, 8 Research Facilities worldwide, and the upcoming factory in Lagos State, Nigeria.

Legit Team

People would always say it’s difficult to invite people to this life-changing opportunity. My Friends and Love ones, those nonsense days are over. I am not to stress any of my down-lines to go around searching for people to join the team. I think outside the box, I sacrifice myself in building a magnificent team with my WhatsApp, other social media, website, and now going viral on the internet.

Legit Options To Register With Longrich And Also Become Our Team Member:

Option 1 – Make Payment Into The Company’s Account And Send The Details Below To Us For Registration:
Bank NameAccount NameAccount Number
Zenith BankLongliqi International Nigeria Limited1012908177

Choose the package (entry-level) you want. Make payment to the company’s account details above. And send the details below to us via Email, WhatsApp, or an SMS to us for your registration. Your unique code and products will be delivered to you afterward. Ensure to make payment before filling the form.


Applicant’s Name:


Phone Number:

Email Address:


Date of birth:

Name of bank:

Amount Paid:

Account number:

Account holder’s name must match with the Applicant’s Name:

Select Package Q silver Package, Silver Package, Gold Package, Platinum Package, VIP Package, or Starter Package: 

Screenshot of Payment (Teller receipt from bank or debit alert from your phone)

Option 2 – Get A Sponsor/ Placement Codes:

Another way to register with Longrich and still become part of our team is to request for a sponsor code from us if there is any Longrich Stockist Center around you.

Send us an Email, Whatsapp message, or an SMS, requesting a sponsor code. On getting the sponsor code from us, take it to any Longrich Stockist Center around you and register, then you will be automatically registered as our team member and we will help in building your down-line.

Benefits of the Longrich Business

When you join Longrich, you enjoy a lot of amazing benefits and bonuses. Besides the bonuses paid weekly to your account, there are promos juicy offered the business provides. When you join and register 3 people, bonuses start running from the fifth week of your registration of at least two down lines. You earn a direct bonus from your generation outside your first, as a sponsor. The arrangement of the Longrich network ensures you earn down to the last generation of your team. This plan is really encouraging and rewarding. The benefits of Longrich over other MLM companies include:

  •  Maximum of 3 legs (Down-lines)
  • There is no compulsory monthly purchase or target
  • There is no time frame, and therefore no pressure
  • You can accumulate unlimited bonus points
  • You can easily achieve leadership at the Zenith level
  • There is no sales accumulation target
  • You earn weekly bonuses from team activity
  • Earn to the last generation
  • Single groups can also earn
  • Two groups can earn as much
  • The Longrich network promotes teamwork
  • Several rewards including houses, cars, international trips, when you meet certain criteria
  • You can purchase products of your choice.

Becoming a partner with Longrich, you get an alternative income stream, which qualifies you for weekly bonuses and global incentives. By joining Longrich, you qualify for the following:

  1.  A comfortable weekly income 
  2.  One percent share (1% share) of the company’s monthly sales as a VIP partner
  3.  Brand new car awarded twice yearly
  4.  $150 million house fund award at star directorate level
  5. Four  (4) year executive MBA programme at the prestigious REGIS University, Colorado USA.
  6.  Scholarship for a degree programme for you or a beneficiary of your choice a SOOCHOW University, China.

Longrich shares her profit with you and your beneficiaries, thereby enabling you to disseminate wealth out for your children, and theirs. Longrich is good and suitable for everyone. You can decide the amount you wish to earn weekly. Longrich credits you based on your hard work, and they don’t owe! This is an opportunity to build investment or a chance for students to make money while still in school. Longrich is amazing. 

How people make money from Longrich International

🤑💰You can make money online with Longrich by defining and implementing a suitable marketing strategy. One of the bestselling techniques in our world today is to offer a products which solves a particular problem, to those with the problem. Making money with Longrich International is not as difficult as it may seem. You need to know how to market and sell products, recruit people into your team, learn more about the business, and you can even set the business to autopilot and begin to rake in cool cash without stress.

Longrich is a multinational company with a wide variety of products. They have now created an avenue for people like you and me to earn from their multi-billion dollar enterprise without spending a lot of money like other companies. By dealing with Longrich and its products, you can make a lot of money from your home. The power of the social media is all you need to advertise the products and expose them to prospective customers. Here are the ways to make money from Longrich:

  • –        Join the business
  • –        Selling the products, and adding your profits
  • –        Encouraging people to join the business and getting rewards

If you think this is just another referral scheme, think again. Not everyone is a fan of referrals, but you have to look at what is going on here. As mentioned earlier, the best way to sell today is by offering a product that solves a particular problem. Everyone needs more money these days and if you can present to people a way to earn from Longrich products and they accept the opportunity, you earn, and when they also replicate the process to expand their network, you also continue to earn along with them.

You earn from Longrich by retailing their products. If you have a skill in online marketing, you could pick some products, market them online, and gain your profit. All that is needed is to market the product to the right people and make your money.

Speaking of referrals, you can create a sales funnel on any social media like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or WhatsApp. You can have people join you without even physically meeting them. A website will be an added advantage, although not necessary, you can reach more customers this way. This will give you exposure, helping your business grow. Longrich is an amazing business opportunity that everyone can tap from and earn recurring income. Join Longrich International today and tap into this amazing opportunity.

Longrich business